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Radio Basket
Radio Basket

Nabifo has a conversation with Hope Nandudu a young mother about getting pregnant and giving birth
as a teenager, the almost insurmountable challenges that she faced, maintaining a positive outlook on
life and so much

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2 thoughts on “EPISODE 2-HOPE NANDUDU”

  1. Mastura Baker says:

    Many people have rich people that inspire them but I got inspired by this lil maama,coz the state she found me in was so stressful,but when I looked at her I knew I would make it too,n I believe she doesn’t know that she’s my role model,coz I looked at how things have been of which I saw her tuckle n believed anyone can manage.

  2. Namuyomba Restetuta Jane says:

    really touching thanks for sharing and being so strong. God bless you dear

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